Solana forecast for 2022

In 2022, rapid blockchains with support for smart contracts will receive an impetus to growth, which will facilitate the exchange of non-interchangeable tokens and ensure the ease of financial transactions in the metaverse. One of the most popular projects is Solana, whose prospects for future growth are beyond doubt.

Network Characteristics

Solana launched mainnet in the spring of 2020 and has achieved tremendous success during this time. This open source blockchain supports smart contracts, the current speed reaches 5,000 TPS and at its peak is able to exceed 50,000 TPS, while the commission costs less than a cent. Solana runs on the proof-of-hisrory protocol, the network is supported by over 1300 nodes, and the profitability from staking exceeds 5%. It is not surprising that in the past year the cost of SOL has increased almost 100 times.

Demand for the network

Solana has found its application in the sector of non-interchangeable tokens and decentralized finance. In DeFi, its share increased to 5% over the year, and the bulk of the blocked funds fell on the Raydium platform with a peak of $2.2 billion on November 15, 2021. Over the year, the DeFi market has grown 14 times and is projected to exceed $1 trillion in 2022. While maintaining the current stake in Solana, over $50 billion will be blocked in the near future, which is approximately equal to the current capitalization of the network.

In the NFT market, things are going even better for Solan: the debut took place in August, and in the fall the Magic Eden platform overtook the OpenSea favorite in the number of transactions. While Ethereum is experiencing big problems due to the load, and commissions sometimes reach $ 50, NFT platforms with Solana support are rapidly gaining popularity.

Solan rate forecast for 2022

The NFT and DeFi markets will continue to expand, which will increase demand for Solana even while maintaining the current market share. However, the constant postponement of Ethereum’s move to a new protocol is likely to lead to a further decline in the attractiveness of using blockchain as a base with the erosion of its share by projects such as Solana.

In a moderate scenario, the exchange rate forecast is in the range of $ 280-300, and with a favorable combination of circumstances, the price per coin will reach a maximum of $ 500 already in 2022.